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Silent Freebies

Borkenglass, Sep 20, 12 4:48 PM.
                       REWARD FOR THIS WEEK WILL BE NICE!      9/27/2012-10/03/2012
 So the silent giveaways aren't working as well as I had hoped for. People still aren't using the site regularly.. I will take partial blame for I am somewhat late updating the site. The official results were one person sent me a letter in game to receive their FREE dye... So... I heard one person say that they thought 5 was a small number, and that by the time that had read it they had already missed out. To fix that there will be 1 reward for every member who completes all tasks .. I didn't hear anything from anyone else....In order to make things better in the guild, and to get the rewards you all are interested in receiving; we need more people giving more feedback positive or negative, something is better than nothing!...
This  reward will be based over the period of one week, and is designed to get everyone familiar with using the site, but it also will be informative of who your guildees are... what everyones game-play style is.. and what each of our ideas in what the guild goals need to be as we prepare for our end-game strategy as a guild... The rewards may be great.

Step 1: I want everyone to locate forums section of our website. Someone has posted a topic titled introductions... please open it and fill out a brief introduction about yourself your in-game interests, and what your idea(s) for some goals we need you think er may need to strive for as a guild while we prepare for our end game strategy, and all the treasures that come along with it!.   :)

[BONUS:I want you to find out the persons who started this topics in-game character name(s)]...

Step 2: In the tab labeled Library i want you to locate a site that someone has posted in this section and comment on it about likes/dislikes or help the guild out by posting some of the frequent sites that you use instead.

Step 3: locate the Resources Tab.. Once there I want you to look at the orders placed. There you will find the secret pass phrase..I want you place an order for 100 of the secret word.Once you have completed the above steps. I want you to send a message through the in-game mail stating the secret pass phrase. That will notify me that you have completed all tasks. 

You MUST have your character information filled out and up to date to receive this or any other Guild Web post Giveaways. I guild giveaways end 11:59 p.m. on the final date posted.. Any and all questions or comments may be directed here or in-game..

Guild News

Borkenglass, Sep 11, 12 6:37 AM.
We have been lost a few of our key members so we need to fill our ranks back up in order to gain influence which is important to making the guild success. On a more positive note we have been able able to activate several guild buffs including a 3 day magic find buff which i will try maintain at all times, as well as influence and hopefully soon xp buff as well. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to post a comment here or message me in game. Thanks to everyone in the guild thats contributing to helping our strength and numbers!                                                             
                                                                                                                            Thanks. Borkenglass :)
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Welcome 2 Manifest Destiny
Welcome To Manifest Destiny: Hey guys were finally up and running. To give a brief over lay of our guild were a small guild were gradually expanding. We now have a guild bank, and try to keep our upgrades qued as often as possible.I want to give major KUDOS to 50 and Helious the co-leaders of our guild.
THE GAME IS HAVING ISSUES: The game is having issues with randomly kicking players so if you get kicked without notification with reason of you being kicked please get with a ranking officer so that we can get you reinstated.
GUILD EVENTS:  This weekend will be trying to host guild events for level 80 characters to explore new regions and we will also try to host raids on the lower level dungeons as well for the lower level guildees please mail me a letter (Borkenglass) stating times you will be available so that i can post raid events as soon as i have an adequate amount of responses

GUILD BANK: We have currently have a guild bank currently all guild members have access to our bank if at anytime you need something out of the bank please get with Leader/Co-Leader. As time goes by we will be allowing more ranks access to the bank.

Ranks: The ranking system is divided into 2 tiers, 3 levels per tier at the top of each tier you will have admin privileges for that tier.
                             Our ranking system will look like this.

                                        Leader              Co-Leader
                            General            Officer                Guardian
                            Champion         Veteran              Member                                                
                                                                                                                                 Thanks:) Borkenglass
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